5 Features a Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle Has

5 Features a Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle Has

If you have a disability, that means you often use a wheelchair, and you may have considered the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing your own wheelchair-adapted vehicle or having your current vehicle modified to make it wheelchair accessible. Perhaps you are already familiar with how a car can be adapted, or perhaps you have no idea what changes could be made to create space for a wheelchair. Here are five ways a vehicle can be adapted to make it safer and more comfortable for a wheelchair user.

  1. Wheelchair Accessible Doors

The first step to using any vehicle is gaining access to it. In a wheelchair, there are many places and occasions when access becomes an issue, particularly at entryways and exits. This is why adapting your vehicle or purchasing a car already built with sufficiently sized doors is so useful. Instead of having to sit in a seat and have your wheelchair folded and stored in the car, these wheelchair-accessible doors make it possible for you to fit into the car with much less hassle.

  1. Electric Lift

An electric lift can make getting into and out of the car so much easier. While a ramp can be simpler to install and more intuitive to use, an electric lift takes away all the strain and effort of entering and alighting from your car. Take a look at alliedmobility.com to find out more about the types of wheelchair-adapted vehicles there are on the market.

  1. Built-In Ramp

Although an electric lift can be an attractive option when choosing an adapted car, a ramp is a simple and more affordable feature that still allows wheelchair access to the vehicle. Make sure to take into consideration the grip of the ramp, the weight it can endure, and the angle it operates at. Some ramps are more basic than others.

  1. Winch

If you would prefer not to rely upon someone else helping you into the vehicle, a winch can make the process much simpler. This device helps you to move from your wheelchair into the car for your wheelchair to be then stored safely. Of course, this option is best for people who prefer to leave their wheelchair for the duration of their car journey.

  1. Security Straps

If you plan to stay in your wheelchair during the car journey, you will certainly want wheelchair security straps to keep you and your chair safely fastened to the floor of the car. Much like a seatbelt, this will help you stay safe in a moving vehicle.

Of course, there are many more ways that your vehicle can be adapted to make it safer and more comfortable for wheelchair users, but the above is simply a brief list to illustrate how much can be done to make life easier. If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair and have been considering the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, hopefully, this has helped you to make an informed decision.