How to Drive a Mobility Scooter

How to Drive a Mobility Scooter

If you have recently acquired a mobility scooter for yourself and want to learn everything you possibly can before you take it out on your first proper journey, or else are either in a professional or personal context where you need to advise and help someone else, then you have certainly come to the right place.

Continue reading to learn how to drive a mobility scooter and how to feel safe and secure while doing so.

Test Ride!

Before you embark upon a proper trip to the grocery store or to visit a loved one, you should absolutely take the proverbial bull by its horns and take your mobility scooter for a test drive.

Furthermore, if you haven’t actually acquired your mobility scooter yet, look to reputable scooter suppliers, such as Mobility Solutions, who will be more than happy to supply you with a personalized guide on how to operate your new scooter and how to remain safe at all times.

Adjust Before You Ride

Another important thing to remember before you embark upon your first scooter ride is to spend time adjusting and adapting the different features on the scooter prior to departure.

Ensure that your feet can rest and relax comfortably on the pedals, and it never causes you strain or aching to press down on the controls. Always ensure that you have moved the angle and position of the seat so you can sit comfortably whilst driving.

On the Road

You may well be wondering if you are legally allowed to drive your new mobility scooter on the road here in the United States or whether you should remain on the sidewalk.

The answer is, unfortunately, more complex than the simple question and essentially comes down to the specific rules and legislations in the state in which you reside. However, as a general rule, it is likely that you will be able to drive your mobility scooter on suburban streets and smaller roads within your neighborhood, but never on the highway or even a more major roadway.

Mobility Scooter Maintenance

As with any other piece of technology, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that, after each and every ride, you spend just a few minutes ensuring that everything is as it should be and that you regularly maintain the machine.

The most important component of your new mobility scooter is the battery. Mobility scooter repair companies report year after year that the battery is responsible for the vast majority of breakdowns and issues. By far the best way to ensure your battery life is as long as possible is to never let the charge of your scooter’s battery reach into the red zone.

Other important maintenance tips for your new mobility scooter include keeping the entire machine (in particular the wheels) as clean as possible and to always remove any debris after you have arrived back home. Avoid getting the scooter wet as much as possible by staying away from water and moisture, you may need to dry it if you get caught in the rain.