How to Come up with a Company Name

How to Come up with a Company Name

The company’s competitiveness is behind the correct name, so many immediately prefer to give a lot of money to specialists in naming. Do not rush to contact specialists, you can create a logo yourself. To develop an effective name, you can refer to the online generator “Turbologo“. It is not necessary to have creative skills in this direction, the main thing is not to forget the company’s goals and follow our selected methods. Personally taking up the creation of the logo, you can immerse the meaning and history of the company in it, which will only attract the audience.

A list of effective ways to come up with your company name

It may seem that it will be quite difficult to come up with an original name, because the market has already formed a list of leaders. After familiarizing yourself with the following methods, you will be able to quickly and creatively create a competing name:

  1. Make the name short. A long name will be very difficult to remember, and if it interrupts a person’s breathing, then such a name will definitely be a failure. A short and sonorous name will quickly remain in memory, and stand out among competitors. For example: Sony, Apple.
  2. Abbreviations. You can create a unique name for your brand from the first letters of the descriptive words. Basically, three or four words are taken for this method, but no more, otherwise such a name is difficult to remember. To simplify pronunciation, use one or two vowels, if this is acceptable. For example: KFC.
  3. Repetitions of sounds. This method allows you to create a company name using similar sounds. Consonants are easy to remember and pronounce, so very often such a name stands out well among competitors. There is still a minus in this method, it is not suitable for all directions. Examples: M&M’s, Kitekat.
  4. A combination of words. Due to the parts of several words, you can create a unique version of the name. Some even use parts of surnames or words that are relevant to their activities. Often, when parts of words are connected unsuccessfully, difficult-to-pronounce words are obtained, which may carry negative connotations. Be sure to analyze such names and check for semantic correctness. Examples: Coca-Cola.
  5. Geographical direction. The name of a city or a famous place in it can even be combined with another word suitable in meaning. It is possible to emphasize exactly where the company is located, and it is unusual to highlight this fact in the name. For example, the founder of Adobe decided to tell so creatively that a beautiful river flows near his house. Agree, it’s simple and very original.
  6. Go in the direction of myths. In ancient myths, you can find an unusual and even personifying name. For example, for a beauty salon, you can use the name of the goddess “Aphrodite”, and for a men’s sports club, the name “Apollon”. The name of the Nike company was invented based on the name of the goddess “Niki”.
  7. Create a company name in the online service. Currently, services that can instantly generate a unique name for a new company are actively in demand. The Turbologo generator can cope with this task on its own, you will only need to enter data about your field of activity. In the proposed options, you will definitely find a name for your company, saving money and time.


The name of the company should not just like the sound and spelling, but also evoke the right associations with the company. By contacting specialists, you may not achieve the desired result, because not everyone can remember and grasp the subtleties of your business. Therefore, do not be afraid to personally take up the creation of the name, it is done easily and very exciting.