Nourishing Face Oil Can Save Your Skin This Winter Season!

Nourishing Face Oil Can Save Your Skin This Winter Season!

With the winter chill quickly taking residence over the days and nights, it is essential to switch up your face routine. Creams, balms and oils that were used in the summer may not be as effective in the colder winter months. Nourishing face oil can help keep your skin balanced, nourished and healthy all winter long. Here are twelve benefits that one can reap from using a nourishing facial oil during the winter season:


1. Promotion of Skin Hydration:

During the winter months, our skin is constantly exposed to harsh winds, low levels of humidity, and intense indoor heat. All of these factors lead to decreased levels of hydration in the skin. Nourishing face oils can help to lock in moisture and hydrates, locking in skin’s natural moisture barrier and preventing the drying out of skin.

2. Effective Barrier Protection:

Face oils can offer protective barrier to the skin, safeguarding it from outside pollutants, air particles, and other environmental factors. In the winter, the air is especially harsh, making face oil’s protective properties especially useful.

3. Enhance Natural Skin Glow:

It’s easy to forget to keep up with daily products and work on a natural glow when we’re all bundled up. Winters bring dry and dull skin which means you will need to do proper hydration and bring the luminance back. Nourishing face oil works to effectively bring the natural glow back on your skin.

4. Effective Prevention Against Deterioration of Skin’s Natural Oil:

The decreased levels of indoor heat promoted by regular humidifiers can lead to the skin losing its natural oil throughout the winter months. Nourishing face oils, with an appropriate balance of lipids, protein and other phytochemicals, can help maintain the oil balance.

5. Available in Lightweight Formulations:

As winter is a time of increased oil production, some breakouts or clogged pores can occur due to the over-activity of the oil glands. Thankfully, many nourishing face oils come in light formulas that apply easily, won’t clog pores and don’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

6. Non-irritating:

Many face oils are created with non-irritating, hypoallergenic ingredients, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

7. Help Enhance Skin Condition:

The antioxidants found in nourishing face oils, such as vitamins A and E, help to maintain skin’s condition in order to keep it healthy and thriving.

8. Perfect for Dry Skin:

Winter can be especially harsh for those who have dry skin. Nourishing face oils can soothe and restore moisture to the skin, making it look and feel softer, smoother and more supple.

9. Calms Skin:

Antioxidant-rich oils can be great for calming stressed skin and restoring its balance. Those with combination, flush-prone skin will appreciate the skin-calming and cooling properties of face oils.

10. Stimulating Cellular Renewal:

When applied, nourishing face oils help stimulate and speed up cellular turnover and renewal process so that the skin appears more youthful and vibrant.

11. Facilitates Better Absorption of Other Products:

When applying a face oil to your skin first, this can help to facilitate the absorption of the other products applied to your face after. Consider using it as an effective base layer before applying other serums, moisturizers and treatments.

12. Long Lasting Moisturizing Effect:

Face oils can offer a long-lasting moisturizing effect, making them a great help to those who struggle with long winters and exposed skin.

In sum, using nourishing face oils during the winter months can be an incredibly beneficial effort to keep skin looking and feeling great. As these twelve benefits suggest, nourishing face oils can promote hydration and barrier protection, bring a natural glow, bless the skin with antioxidant action, be lightweight and non-irritating, and help absorb other products better. Winter is the perfect time to add nourishing face oils to your skin care routine.

Ranny Watson